meridaMerida Yucatan also known as the “White city” is famous for its very friendly people, its culture, its rich Mayan History and for being one of the most important archaeological sites in Mexico.

[pullquote]Merida has become one of the best places for retiring in Mexico due to its safety, comfort, location, low cost and peaceful way of living.[/pullquote] It offers many activities for tourists, residents and is just 15 minutes from the beautiful beach of Puerto Progreso and 3 and a half hours from cancun.

In a Recent Interview Mitch Keenan of Mexico Real Estate talked about why Merida and Yucatan are your best options for living, working and retiring in Mexico:



What Brought you to Mexico?

mexico1I was working for continental in the 80s and spend a lot of time in Mexico flying to latinamerican routes, i fell in love with mexicans in fact, i fell in love with a Mexican thats what brought me here, but what kept me in Mexico is the people and the Lifestyle, the exotic living, the sense of adventure, there is so much to do.

Its the people , the food, the markets, the beaches, the mayan pueblos, the ruins, the cenotes,  carnaval, there is always something to do, somewhere, its an exciting life everyday and i have been here for 14 years, i never wake up bored, there is always something to do and you dont have to be rich to do it.

But it isnt it Dangerous in Mexico?

So many people say that its dangerous in Mexico and its so untrue and least from my perspective in this part of Mexico. You can walk anywhere in Merida, you can go anywhere in Merida at anytime of day or night and feel perfectly safe, i have never been anywhere here where i felt fearful.

I have been in places where i have felt fear in chicago, in New York city, in New Orleans, Lima, places where i knew i was at the wrong place at the wrong time and that sense inside of my stomach, but honestly i have never felt that here in Merida or anywhere in Yucatan.

[pullquote]For example Mexico city is four times safer than Washington D.C.[/pullquote] Imagine if Mexico issue warnings of not traveling to washington D.C. because its Dangerous.Now there are certain states and cities in Mexico that are safer and crime rate is very low, for example Yucatan is as safe as rural U.S. states. The beaches of Yucatan are among the safest resorts in the world. Just look at this comparison chart:


Here are the Safest Cities in Mexico to Visit:

Whats the Biggest Advantage of Living in Mexico?

mexicocostI guess the biggest advantage is the cost of living, you can live here so inexpensively, so many things are reasonable here, having your house clean, having a gardener, car repair, the Dentist, doctors appointments, pharmaceutical drugs, restaurants, eating, entertainment, transportation, all of those things are so inexpensive, are so reasonable, that it allows you to live in a style that you really couldnt live in the United States, you just can get that kind of bang for your buck there, you can here.

[pullquote]I like the fact that Government doesent interfere in my life[/pullquote] i like the fact that is not a litigious society, im not concerned about someone suing me for this or that, im really not concerned about being sued. You are not run and controlled by Government and big corporations, who are dictating  terms of living to you on the television, by your taxes, by political decree, i think part of that is that is not a very divided society, you dont have segments of society fighting against other segments trying to control you as a person, is more lets get along, go along.

Whats your Advice for  people who want to Move to Mexico?

meridayucatanWorking and Living in Merida Mexico is fabulous, but its not for everybody, people who are impatient, people who expect Mexico to be like where there are from, they dont do well here, but if you are open mind, if you are easy going, if you have a sense of adventure, Merida is one of the best choices you can make.

My Advice to you is come, visit, get out on the streets, go to the markets, see what life is really like in Mexico. This is not cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Mexico city, this is Merida, Yucatan and it is spectacular.

What its Like Living in Merida…


Where can you Live?

meridacentroMerida has a wide range of options for retirees and foreign expatriates, its an excellent choice for settle down and live due to its infrastructure connections to the USA and Mexico city.

Right now there are about 300 residencies inhabited by foreigners just in the center of the city, however due to the increase in American and Canadian citizens coming to Merida Yucatan demand for homes sales in the Historic Center of Merida has increased. Properties in the Center of Merida are sold at around $30,000 and their value can increased significantly if they are restored homes.

However Living in the Historic Center of Merida is just one option, right now the growing luxury zone of Merida is the North where you have all the comfort, entertainment and malls that you need to live. The people of Merida with high income live in the North.

Also be aware that currently there are many luxury residential apartments for sale in Merida that are being developed and Private Urbanized complex where many houses are developed under a private club. So you have 4 main options that you can choose:

  • Buy a House in the Historic Center of Merida
  • Buy a Luxury Apartment in the North of Merida
  • Buy a House in the North of Merida
  • Buy a House in a Private Urbanized Complex in the North of Merida

Here are some photos of the North of Merida and projects under development:


How do i Get a Life Insurance in Mexico?

Buying life insurance in Mexico is less expensive compared to the USA, but it also depends on the levels of coverage, health care services and deductibles that you want. If you are a foreigner you will need to have a resident visa FM2 or FM3 to be able to contract a private health insurance policy and receive treatment in Mexico.

In Mexico you can find physician with the same levels of experience and training as in Canada and the United States and is rare that you dont find a physician in Merida who does not speak English although is better to obtain a personal referral from another physician.

What Recreational Activities are in Merida?

Here you have a wide range of options if you want something cultural, entertainment, relax, Adventure, swiming, Eating, Malls, Theaters, Movies, Bicycle routes, Beaches, Golf, Sunday Cultural Events, Mayan Museum, Horse Kalesa Ride, Night Clubs, Bars, Cenotes, Mayan Ruins and much more.

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